WHO ARE Aplus Group SA

Helping Smart Companies With Better Integrated Solutions

Aplus Group SA is a leading Turnkey Services Provider and is a Level 1 BBB-EE Contributor.

Aplus Group SA provides services to small, medium, and large enterprise organizations both in the public and private sector. This is executed through our various branch factories located in all the major provinces, or via our strategic partners in the various other locations.

Since its inception, Aplus Group SA has grown into a well-recognized provider of infrastructure, Electrical, Civil & Construction, and support, which help our customers, achieve their business goals.

The group focus has evolved and adapted to all the latest business technologies to enable us to continuously provide state of the art service and products to our customers. To back up our turnkey solutions we are able to offer a wide variety of services from planning, designing and implementing, to optimizing, operating and maintaining solutions. .


Message from Director

Most of A Plus Group initial customers are still customers today, testament to the enduring quality of the solutions and services we provide, as well as an on-going commitment to customer care, satisfaction and relationships o We continuously deliver beyond the agreed business objectives. o Our creative approach finds unique and tailored solutions to address our customers’ special needs. The implementation of solutions and ongoing service is provided by a motivated team of the highest qualified technical experts in their field, which can meet any business objectives.
  • Flexible Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Produce Innovative Design Futuristic Blades
  • We Tailored For Specific Client’s Needs

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